Our culture and values

Our values are extremely important to us, therefore, it is vital that all members of the AVASK team demonstrate these on a daily basis, with a 'can-do' mindset.
Insist on the highest standards

At the heart of our culture is a commitment to delivering a service that meets the highest quality standards.

We take great pride in achieving that standard every day and we also understand the importance this commitment plays in driving the AVASK brand to our globally based team and clients alike.

Disagree and commit

We value open and honest communications at all levels of the business. We promote a culture where we treat each other honestly, sincerely and with respect at all times.

We in turn value the commitment and dedication that our team bring to their jobs and we appreciate constructive two-way feedback between the management team and employees.

This approach helps to build a strong foundation with the AVASK team and helps us to find compromise and balance while committing to meet the needs of the business.

Learn and be curious

At AVASK, we strongly encourage employee development and recognise that learning is a vital attribute in both helping employees to gain new skillsets and become more empowered to grow and progress in their chosen career.

The AVASK Training Academy helps all members of the team to learn new skills via our e-learning portal, which in turn helps all our employees to be more productive and engaged in their jobs.

Our open-door policy enables any member of the AVASK team to ask a question about the company, learn more about a particular department or a company process. We never discourage a healthy curiosity in our team.

Deliver results

Delivering results is not just about meeting a set of goals or targets, it is about going above and beyond whilst striving to exceed expectations.

Here at AVASK we positively encourage our team to strive to be the best, deliver the best results and proactively take action when things don't seem to be heading in the right direction.

Every member of the team is encouraged to engage with company social events and activities to help everyone remain motivated. Our team is constantly striving to find ways to improve processes and finding new ways to work together to solve problems and increase productivity.

Have a backbone

A backbone is a symbol of strength in character and a firm commitment to upholding one's own principles, decisions and feelings.

At AVASK we strongly encourage our team to have the confidence to speak up and deal with each situation in a constructive way, regardless of position within the company.

Customer obsession

AVASK is customer obsessed and we put the client at the heart of everything that we do. We passionately believe that customers are what makes a company, and we strive to ensure all our clients are satisfied with our services.

To that end we actively encourage all members of the AVASK team to go that extra mile for our clients, keep themselves on our clients' radars and provide an invaluable service to them.

We strive to respond to all clients as quickly as possible, as there are many situations where the client's communication will be sensitive and time is of the essence.

Think big

Thinking big is one of the pillars of success and growth.

Thinking big means being able to dream and visualise what you can achieve on an audacious scale. It is about being open-minded, positive, creative and seeing the big picture.

This is why we encourage every member of the AVASK team to be fearless, to think big and to eliminate the use of the word 'impossible'.

Earn trust

Trust is the foundation for building strong teams, creating a positive work culture and producing results. We believe that trust is what keeps productivity and morale high.

At AVASK, our team build and maintain trusting relationships with one another within our company's culture of trust.

Working with autonomy, being diligent and reliable are key factors in building trust at AVASK, with both our valued employees and customers.

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